Your Secret Doorway to Free Money

Get a Grant in 7 Easy Steps!

Do you dream of getting a grant?

You've heard of grants.  Maybe you've read the success stories of people who've built exciting projects and brand new lives with grant funding.  But how do you begin?  How do you find the grants?  How do you find out for sure if you qualify for a grant?  What do you have to do to get grants?  Writing a grant proposal can be mysterious and scary, especially if you don't have anyone you trust helping you.

You need a guide, and you need straightforward information. 

But first, is exploring grants the right path for you? 

Are you ready to live life on your own terms?

Imagine working for yourself and no one else.  No more setting the alarm for some ungodly hour. No more gulping down a cup of coffee to jumpstart your metabolism, then rushing out the door just to sit fuming in rush hour traffic.

Imagine, finally, having enough money not just for the everyday essentials, but for many of the luxuries of life. To be able to easily meet all your monthly obligations, send your children to good schools, put money aside for your future - and still take wonderful vacations. Imagine buying all the things you'd love to have.

Imagine getting grants to invest in real estate.  Thousands of active and aspiring real estate investors are building real estate empires through government grants and very low-cost loans..

Imagine being able to do good in your community.  Tens of thousands of people are creating projects that serve friends and neighbors, and people in need.  Imagine being recognized and respected for your accomplishments.

What stands between you and and the life you imagine?

The truth is, most of us can imagine accomplishing amazing things for ourselves, those we love, and the people around us.  The dream is there.  What is often missing is the money to make that dream a reality.

Life can be full of frustrations.  Very often, those frustrations are financial.  Sometimes it feels as though you are trapped in a situation, and in your heart, you know the solution is as simple as finding enough money.

Imagine, if you will, you are actually trapped in a building, looking for your way out. You're becoming increasingly overwhelmed and disheartened.  Finally, you round a corner, and a door you haven't previously noticed suddenly appears in front of you.  On the door is a big sign that says "This Way to Free Money."  Imagine you can very gently push that door open, and walk right through. 

Through this doorway are the secrets that will enable YOU to find grant funding and to write winning proposals. The secrets that few people know and even fewer people are willing to divulge to you.

Your Secret Doorway to Free Money

Get a Grant in 7 Easy, Affordable Steps!

Hi, I'm Jillian Coleman Wheeler.

I know those secrets.  I've been a very successful Grants and Business Consultant for thirty years.  My clients live and do business all over the United States and throughout the world. 

I myself have benefited greatly from grants.  I bought an apartment complex with 100% grant funding.  I've bought houses and property that cost next to nothing, all through government programs.  I've founded non-profit agencies, and employed myself as Executive Director.

More and more over the years, I have come to believe I can make the biggest impact not by consulting, but by sharing the secrets of how to get Free Money with others.  I began teaching others in local classes.  Then, in 2002, I founded Grant Me  In the past four years, people from all over have come to us to learn how to find Free Money for themselves and their organizations.

Grants exist to fund your dreams. 

Every year in the United States alone, $360,000,000,000 worth of grants are made available to those who know how to find them and apply for them.  That's $360 BILLION, from government agencies, foundations, and corporations. 

Wait a minute. Before we go any further, let's ask a few questions...

Are grants even real?

You've seen the hype out there on the Internet, or in books written by the man in the funny suit.  Some of these guys even promise you instant cash to pay your credit cards, or start any kind of business. 

A lot of the information contained in these sites and books is simply lists of agencies that give grants, and a little description of the grants available.  These people would like you to believe anyone can fill out a quick form and get $30,000.  In fact, some of these sites even offer you a money back guarantee if you don't get the $30,000.  (They sell thousands of products, and only a few people ever claim the guarantee.)  Then, when the buyer receives the product and realizes there's more involved, they offer you assistance that ends up costing thousands of dollars.

There are wonderful opportunities with grants - as I said earlier, there are hundreds of billions of dollars in grants available every single year, in the United States alone.  And there are grants for many kinds of projects.  Chances are you won't find a grant to start a travel agency, or an insurance brokerage - although in a very few cases you may find some economic development funds - but there are some amazing opportunities to use grants to literally hundreds of ways. 

With the benefit of our genuine, professional information, you CAN find and get your very first grant.  Then you can go back to that well again and again.

Isn't it hard to get a grant?

Finding and writing grants does require its own specific skill set.  You have to know exactly where to go to find out what grants are available, and how to qualify. There are certain conventions to be observed, and certain ways of putting together your proposal.  There are unspoken rules about how to contact and approach funders.

But let's be clear.  This is not brain surgery.  You can learn what you need to know, and with this new product, you can do it easily and affordably.

Won't this take a lot of time, and a lot of money?

Here at Grant Me, we pride ourselves on offering the finest Grants Training available anywhere, through our in depth 9-week classes that enable students to become Certified Grant Writers. These classes require a considerable investment of time and money, and the students who take them tell us it's well worth it.

But we know the 9-week classes are not for everyone.  Over the last few months many readers have emailed me, asking for a product that's quick, easy, and totally affordable. 

We've been listening, and we've been working hard on an answer to that request. That answer is:

Your Secret Doorway to Free Money

Get a Grant in 7 Easy, Affordable Steps!


Let me introduce you to just a few people whose dreams have come true:

Tonya Pennie opened her own consulting business:

Thanks for Your Amazing Support...

The grant-writing tips and support I’ve received from Jill and continues to be rather amazing. Jill is steadfast, generous, and on top of the ball in providing accessible grant-writing tools.  The weekly emailings, strategies and on-on-one advice are invaluable in developing winning grant proposals. Thanks so much Jill.”


Tonya Pennie, Pennie Consulting

Teresa Hagmann founded an organization to provide healthcare to companion animals:

I Never Imagined Getting a Grant Could Be So Easy...

“What I learned in your classes gave me all the information I needed to set-up my non-profit and write a grant proposal as well as how to find the most promising sources for my grant. to work on my dream project.”


Teresa Hagmann, PAW Partners of America, Inc.

David Cross became Executive Director of his own non-profit agency.

Experience, Track Record and Heart...

“Many helpful tips and invaluable information on the grant writing process. The classes taught me to prepare the grants in the proper format needed to win. It was well worth the expense, and I would recommend the Grants Training classes to anyone who is trying to obtain a grant in order to achieve that dream and/or vision. Thank you for everything.  
David Cross, Non-Profit Executive Director

So, exactly what is this product?

Your Secret Doorway to Free Money

Get a Grant in 7 Easy Steps!

was developed from a series of teleclasses we held last fall.  Students called in once a week and received easy to understand, easy to implement information, all about how to find grant funding and how to get it for themselves and their projects.

We recorded the calls, and we also sent out additional additional written information to supplement the content we presented.  The calls also included interviews with guest experts, and question and answer sessions.

Here's How You Benefit from the 7 Steps:

Step 1:


Learn Everything About Grants and the Anatomy of a Grant Proposal

Step 2:

Find out Who Gives Money and How to Find Grants. Learn how to Demonstrate Need for the Project, the Role of Non-Profits, and How to Organize Your Search
Step 3:

Understand Foundations, Types of Recipients, Types of Support, and How to Set Project Goals

Step 4:

Find Out How to Get Corporate Funding and International Funding
Step 5:

Learn How to Get Government Funding: Understand Federal Grants, State Grants, and Local Grants

Step 6:

Learn how to Write Your Budget. How to Use Cooperative Proposals. and What to Do When You Get the Grant

Step 7:

You also Receive Additional Written Material
to Supplement and Expand upon the Mp3 audio Recordings.

Please be aware...

If you're sure you're ready to invest a significant amount of time and money, doing very detailed training in the whole area of grants and Grants Consulting, this is not the product for you.  This product alone will not prepare you to become a Certified Grant Writer. You can obtain the complete training package in our Grants Training Classes.

But if you would like a simple and efficient way to very easily learn about the process of finding and writing grants, Your Doorway to Free Money is exactly what you've been searching for.

What does it cost?

Last fall's one time only series of Grants Teleclasses - from which this product was developed - cost students $497.  That was a tremendous bargain, and the class filled up quickly.

My goal with this product, however, is to make this information available to absolutely anyone.  I want to be sure that cost is no barrier to anyone who is serious about finding and getting a grant.

So I've priced Your Doorway to Free Money at an unbelievable introductory price of only $97.00!

This price gives you instant access to the mp3 recordings of all six calls, as well as all the additional written material.

However, if you would also like to have CD's of these recordings, you can also add those to your order for only $147.00.  (Be sure and include your shipping address.)

Of course, these prices are introductory.  They will increase, and we cannot guarantee them for any fixed period of time.  So if you think this product is right for you, order right away.

In addition, we are offering you these special bonuses:

$200 Discount on 9-Week Grants Training

Should you decide to enroll in our full 9-weeks comprehensive Grants Training classes, you will be entitled to a special discount on tuition.                      Value $200


$100 Discount on "The New American Land Rush: How to Buy Real Estate with Government Money"

Students in these Grants Teleclasses will also be entitled to a discount of $100 off the purchase price of our home study resource "The New American Land Rush: How to Buy Real Estate with Government Money."                     Value $100


Dr. Joe Vitale's Spiritual Marketing

Get your own copy of Joe Vitale's Spiritual Marketing. This is the book that was the precursor to his best-seller, The Attractor Factor.  See where it all began!                        Value $29


The Greatest Money Making Secret in History

Before Dr. Joe Vitale appeared in the ground-breaking movie, The Secret,  he revealed The Greatest Money Making Secret in History! Now you can have your own copy of this best-seller.          Value $29


And of course,  we offer an ironclad guarantee:

If for any reason you are not absolutely, completely satisfied with the information contained in Your Secret Doorway to Free Money, simply let us know (and return any CDs shipped to you) within sixty days of purchase, and we will issue you a full refund.


Your Secret Doorway to Free Money

Get a Grant in 7 Easy, Affordable Steps!

(After your order is confirmed, you'll get an electronic receipt within a few minutes. Be assured that your on-line transaction is 100% secure.  We process our payments through PayPal.  It is not necessary to have a PayPal account.)

Now the only question is, do you want just immediate access to all the mp3s and the written material, or do you also want the physical product?

What is your preference? And whichever you select, here's a special 1-day only bonus!

Jillian, give me immediate access to all 7 steps for only $97!



Jillian, give me immediate access to all 7 steps - and add the physical product with all seven CDs and the manual, for only $147!


Congratulations!  You're on your way to your first grant!


Jillian Coleman Wheeler

P. S.

This product is likely to be one of the best investments you'll make in 2009.  You get recordings of all six teleclasses, along with all the additional written material covering every aspect of government, foundation and corporate grants, as well as information about maximizing your access to grants with non-profit corporations.

 And remember, these introductory prices are temporary.  Order yours now!



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